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Stats 3 Sep 2011 to 14 Mar 2020

Hours 116h 36m   Flights 176   Costs $7932.60

Types of Flight

Name # Hours
Circuit7810h 46m
With Passenger22h 2m
Ridge2840h 33m
Wave44h 53m
Thermal6863h 51m
Glider Towing43h 24m
Back Seat12h 23m


Name # Hours Costs
Instruction Received7042h 19m$3340.00
Pilot in Command4629h 3m$1958.30
Second in Command1517h 50m$1422.00
Solo6650h 23m$3010.50
Cross Country917h 26m$532.00
Aerobatic20h 17m$171.50

Gear Type

Type # Hours
Fixed163103h 29m
None30h 52m
Retractable1012h 15m

Engine Type

Type # Hours
Glider - Motor10h 57m
None175115h 39m


Type #
Day Landings 176
Night Landings 0
Touch and Goes 0
Outlandings 1


Cost Cost/min Total
$6560.00   + $1372.60   = $7932.6


Name # Hours
Steven Care 22 14h 14m
Bill Mace 9 4h 24m
Bob Gray 9 6h 31m
Julian Mason 9 5h 34m
Tim Bromhead 8 7h 12m
Dominic Stevens 7 7h 33m
Rainer Kunnemeyer 7 0h 41m
Tony Davies 6 2h 39m
Dennis Crequer 4 1h 42m
Jamie Pritt 4 2h 37m
Craig 3 0h 52m
Russel Thorne 1 1h 5m
Rob Owens 1 0h 6m
Normon Duke 1 0h 6m
Maurice Weaver 1 1h 5m
Seamus Breen 1 0h 57m
Malcolm Piggot 1 0h 6m
Dave Dennison 1 1h 2m
Mark Drayson 1 0h 18m


Name # Hours
Shaun Speirs 1 0h 17m
Shaun Spiers 1 1h 40m
Garry 1 1h 45m
Rachel Skews 1 0h 15m
Steven Care 1 0h 16m